Palmers Island Public School

Citizenship, Scholarship and Sportsmanship

Telephone02 6646 0114

About our school

Palmers Island Public School caters for a diverse, small community in a rural setting. The school is committed to providing a caring environment of stimulation, opportunity, participation and achievement for the individual student, teachers, support staff, parents and community. Palmers Island School provides a balanced curriculum for all students and follows the mandatory documents in all Key Learning Areas. Allowance is made for individual differences and needs and special programs are implemented where appropriate. Particular emphasis has been placed on literacy and numeracy programs. The school has an inviting and stimulating physical environment which encourages the students to be physically active while at the same time providing ample passive recreation areas. Emphasis has been placed on the development of a supportive student welfare program and this has assisted in creating harmony by reducing conflict in the school environment.

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This booklet contains detailed information about Palmers Island Public School including class structure, uniforms, staffing, school rules, policies & routines, facilites and other information about the school.